What is WinkBall?

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WinkBall is a reporting network and newswire service who’s members create commissioned and sponsored video reports.

Video reports are distributed via social media, online publishers and TV companies using the WinkBall Newswire.

Bringing a journalistic mindset to the world of online video our reporters reflect life in all its colour, from the local to global, from the village fete to the World Cup.

Trained to capture the essential user experience of any event, business or service, our reporters create inspired reports that speak directly to an audience with intellect and passion.

Our Members

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Coming from all parts of the media industry, WinkBall members are Reporters, Videographers, Editors and Producers/Sponsorship finders.

WinkBall provides its members with an online community hub where they can propose new video reports, project-manage commissioned reports and upload to the WinkBall Newswire.

WinkBall also provides it members with marketing and promotional materials and a TV channel for training and support.

How it works

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Members, businesses and publishers can propose video reports that are commissioned or circulated via the newswire to potential sponsors.

Publishers can indicate on the newswire which video reports they are interested in publishing.

Members engage with potential businesses to secure sponsorship.

Members select a crew from the WinkBall community hub to carry out reporting, filming and editing of video reports.

Video reports are distributed via the WinkBall newswire.


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WinkBall provides members with a video Report and Interview Processing System (RIPS) to produce, format and share high quality, professional, branded video reports and interviews.

Using RIPS members can insert sponsors logos, messages and adverts. To finalise their video reports members can add titles, captions and meta-data so that they can easily be embedded and discovered on the Web.


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Members video reports are distributed via the WinkBall Newswire and a broad array of social media.

Using the WinkBall Newswire, potential sponsors can sponsor proposed video reports and publishers can download video reports branded for their publications.

This service offers publishers “Free to Air” video reports that can be branded for each publication to be used on their websites, TV channels and social media.

When downloading publishers can add their own logos, branding and broadcast bugs.


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Members price their own video reports and publish these prices on the WinkBall Newswire.

WinkBall provides members with marketing and promotional materials and training on engaging with potential sponsors.

Payment to members working on a video report is calculated as follows:

  • Reporter 25%
  • Videographer 25%
  • Editor 25%
  • Sponsorship Finder 25 %

A 25% administration fee is charged by WinkBall on all reports.

How do I join?

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To become a member, fill out the join form on telling us why you would like to join the WinkBall video reporter network and your experience to date.

Once approved you will be sent a link to the WinkBall community hub registration page. Here you can sign up, pay your membership fees, purchase reporters kits, sponsorship marketing packages and merchandise.

Once signed up you will receive full access to the WinkBall community hub and can start WinkBall Reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I work for WinkBall? No, you are a member of the WinkBall video reporter network.

How do I find sponsors for my reports? We provide you with bespoke training and support to help you find sponsors, we also have specialist sponsorship finders who can find sponsors for you.

When and how do I get paid? You get paid monthly, providing we have received payment for your reports.

Do I have to wear WinkBall branded clothing? No, it is not compulsory but we do advise it. We also advise you to wear your WinkBall Press Pass when reporting to ensure you’re identified as a reporter by members of the public, event organisers and their staff. The WinkBall branded microphone must be clearly visible in every interview you conduct.

Can I make video reports for anyone else? Yes, you are only a member of WinkBall and are free to work for whoever you like outside of WinkBall.

Can I leave WinkBall at any time? Yes, your WinkBall membership is a rolling month to month membership. You can leave WinkBall with one months notice.

Contacting WinkBall




Members Hub/RIPS/Newswire Service:


Unit 8F - Hewlett House - Havelock Terrace - London - SW8 4AS

Tel: +44(0)20 7819 9451