Zabludowicz Collection Invites: Lindsey Mendick

Event date: 24/04/2018

Lindsey Mendick’s installation Perfectly Ripe is a sculptural and audio mise-en-scène reflecting on teenage holiday romance, burgeoning womanhood and a desire for revenge. The starting point for this work is a short autobiographical text, which recounts a family holiday when the artist was 13 ¾ years old; the disco nights out, days spent lounging on the beach and the sexual encounters she had with the entertainment staff. Mendick’s new body of work is motivated by an anger at the dangerous situation she found herself in as a child, and the urge to confront the troubling aspects of coming-of-age stories as a genre. It addresses abuses of power by men, but also the confusion and mixed emotions that follow. The installation explores the sculptural potential of glazed ceramics, merging the grotesque and the comic in a space that is generous and engaging, but far from simplistic in its emotional register. Vicky Carter and Alexi Phillips report for WinkBall.

Reported by: Vicky Carter

Brought up in the Middle East, Vicky is open to new cultures and experiences which is highlighted consistently throughout her work. With a background shaped in the creative arts, Vicky continued her passion for communication and story telling as a presenter in both radio and TV, as a writer and in a workshop setting as a facilitator. Shes worked with Mi-Soul Radio, Eagle Radio, eagle3, KLFM, Love Sport Radio and currently produces for BBC Essex, as well as presenting for Womens Radio Station and is a traffic broadcaster for INRIX Media. Shes passionate about; culture, the creative arts, travel, extreme sports, music, and uncovering a side to London that not many get a chance to see.

Reported by: Alexi Phillips

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Zabludowicz Collection Invites: Lindsey Mendick

Event Location: Zabludowicz Collection
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Vicky Carter
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