Brixton Dykes on the Rampage

Event date: 18/03/2017

We joined the Rebel Dykes for a history walking tour of Brixton. We walked in the footsteps of a bunch of Rebel Dykes who lived in squats around Brixton during the 1980s.

Reported by: Sapphire MacIntosh

Originally from Manchester, Sapphire is a part-time actress who is passionate about womens rights and promoting diversity.

Reported by: Itteshad Hossain

Itteshad has been with WinkBall since its early incarnation. He studied film at Queen Mary, University of London and his love of film has transferred into his reports for WinkBall. Itteshad has filmed some of our best reports including the BFI film screening of Ingrid Goes West and the ITV gala in both London and Manchester. Before working for WinkBall he was a freelance videographer and worked as a production runner for several companies.

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Brixton Dykes on the Rampage

Event Location: Ritzy Cinema and Cafe
Reported by
Sapphire MacIntosh
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Itteshad Hossain
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