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Train at Hammersmith Apollo

by Gig Reporters 2012

Despite forming in 1998, Train achieved their key success in 2001. The first, and title, single from their second album “Drops of Jupiter” was in the chart for over a year and earned the Californian rock outfit the “Best Rock Song” at the 2002 Grammy’s. The album went multi-platinum and really marked Train’s arrival on the music scene.

Train released two more albums before going on hiatus in 2006. Lead singer Pat Monahan released a solo album during the three-year break, but he couldn’t emulate the same success achieved by Train. When the band returned, they marked it with their most successful single since “Drops of Jupiter”. The song “Hey Soul Sister” shot to number 7 in the US chart in its 16th week in the chart, after featuring in an advert for a television.

The album peaked at number 17 on the US album chart, however it marked the symbolic return of Train into the zeitgeist. The instant success of their sixth studio album is evidence of that. “California 37” went straight to number one on iTunes the day after release in April 2012.

The US rockers are currently mid-way through their European Tour, playing across France, Germany, Britain and Holland. WinkBall reporters went to the Hammersmith Apollo to talk to Train fans before and after their gig on Thursday, 3rd May 2012.

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