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Lovesong: Lyric Theatre

by OnStage

A compelling and heartfelt love story, ‘Lovesong’ focuses on a young couple in their 20s, with their early life interlaced with the life they experience together as an elderly couple a lifetime later. As we see different time strands of their lives in contrast with each other throughout the play, we understand the highs and lows that relationships encounter and how love is tested over a lifetime.

Written by rising scribe Abi Morgan, who is responsible for the recent television film adaptation of Sebastian Faulk’s war novel ‘Birdsong’ and the Oscar nominated Margaret Thatcher biopic ‘The Iron Lady’, ‘Lovesong’ is Morgan’s latest work and it’s current run in the West End has wowed critics and theatre fans alike.

Running from the 11th January 2012 to the 4th February 2012, ‘Lovesong’ has been playing at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London with a stellar cast that includes Edward Bennett, Sam Cox and Siân Phillips. With direction and choreography coming from artistic directors of Frantic Assembly, Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett, with this production of ‘Lovesong’, the duo have once again proved their artistic worth and presented to the theatre world another astounding production.

With the production soon coming to an end at the Lyric Theatre this Sunday, the theatre going public are now trying to seize the last opportunities they can to catch this play. Wednesday the 4th of January 2012, was another popular night for the show with theatre fans coming to see the performance en masse. WinkBall video reporters also headed down to the Lyric Theatre for this performance of Lovesong to discover what had brought people to see this play. With Abi Morgan’s work becoming widely recognized recently, particularly with her work on recent Michael Fassbender film ‘Shame’, reporters asked fans how familiar they were with Morgan’s work and what they were expecting from ‘Lovesong’. After the show, they would also be asking audience members what they thought of the play and if it lived up to expectations. Have you seen ‘Lovesong’ yet? Perhaps you’re interested in catching some of the last performances this week? See if fans recommend this show to watch, or leave a video review yourself by recording a message direct to this wall.

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