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Love, Love, Love: Royal Court Theatre

by OnStage

Written by Mike Bartlett and directed by James Grieve; Love, Love, Love is a story about the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble.
A fiery relationship sparked in the haze of the 60s, and charred by today’s brutal realities.

Love, Love, Love is so titled, in part, because of the lyrics in the Beatles song All You Need Is Love. The scene is set in the sixties with the first set been that tune playing one evening in 1967 when sexy Sandra (Victoria Hamilton) visits brothers Kenneth (Ben Miles) and Henry (Sam Troughton) in their dingy London flat.

The second act takes us into the 1990s and finally 2011. The different atmospheres of the three periods are well captured by Bartlett’s writing, James Grieve’s direction and the cast’s superb acting! It stars Victoria Hamilton, Claire Foy, Ben Miles, George Rainsford and Sam Troughton.

On Saturday 9th June, the last day of Mike Bartlett’s play ‘Love, Love, Love’ at the Royal Court Theatre our WinkBall video reporters were there to ask the audience for their thoughts and review of the play.

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