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Unveiling Of Olympic Uniforms: Wimbledon Station forecourt

by eventreporters2012

With the London 2012 Olympics getting closer by the day, excitement and fervour over the games continues to grow from the general public. Throughout the summer when this prestigious sporting event finally arrives, a large number of carefully chosen Londoners will aid and assist the many thousands of visitors to London and act as ambassadors for this great city. Promoting the city to the world when London is on display this summer, the London ambassadors will showcase everything the fine capital city has to offer and they will be a key factor in ensuring the games run as smoothly as possible.

To be the part, you must also look the part, and with this, the role of Olympic ambassador comes with it the necessity of an identifiable and iconic uniform. On Friday 16th March 2012, it was with great pleasure that London mayor Boris Johnson could reveal the new uniform for the London ambassador team, showcasing to the press and public what his team of ambassadors will be wearing whilst representing London at the 2012 Olympic games this summer.

Unveiled at Wimbledon station, many crowded round to catch the first glimpse of the ambassador uniform and cast their own style opinion on these new garments. WinkBall video reporters were at Wimbledon station to speak to the public and find out their opinion on the new uniforms and find out if they will be going to the games this summer and how they think Team GB will fare. Speaking to the London ambassadors as well, they would be finding out what they thought of the new uniform they’ll be wearing when representing London at the 2012 games and also their predictions for Team GB this summer. Finally, WinkBall would be getting a quick word from London mayor Boris Johnson to find out more about today’s unveiling and to capture his mood ahead of the games.

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