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Meet the Designer: Tom Ford

by eventreporters2012

The Regent Street Apple Store is at it again, bringing in the big guns for a chat amongst their similarly super slick products. This week hosts fashion designer Tom Ford, having a cosy chat with Grazia’s Style Director Paula Reed.

Ford is synonymous with the turnaround of Gucci and also Yves Saint Laurent – making them two of the best recognised, and highly regarded, fashion labels. It was his vision of minimalist, sexy simplicity that made Gucci’s look so synonymous in the 90s – with stars, actors and musicians desperate to wear his designs at events and awards shows across the world.

Now designing for his own eponymous label, the Tom Ford name continues to generate respect and desire-to-wear from celebrities of the present day.

Grazia put it so well, saying: “In his spare time, he directed the Oscar-nominated movie, A Single Man,” to make the rest of us all feel mightily inadequate! What do you do in your spare time? His talents stretch so far, yet the baser instincts of his for a singular vision of simplicity come across on film as well as on the runway.

Ford explains how he uses his time so wisely, addresses his successes and also the harder times throughout his career, in a conversation with Paula Reed.

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