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New Blades 2012 Model Makers Recruitment Fair

by eventreporters2012

New Blades is an annual model makers’ recruitment fair – 2012 sees New Blades celebrate its 20th anniversary.

It is a showcase of model work from graduates of the Universities of Hertfordshire, Bournemouth. Bolton and the University for the Creative Arts. They came together to display their work to a London audience, with hopes for recruitment and networking opportunities.

Those attending the exhibition could expect to see a host of models, ranging from architecture, product, museum, sculpture, film and TV, theatre, costume, special effects and stop motion – with industry experts, companies and recruiters looking to tap-up new talent. The show also included interactive trade displays of mould making, laser cutting, 3D scanning and milling.

The show was, of course, open to the interested public (between 10am-6pm) on Thursday 14th June. The Private view took place afterwards, until 10pm. It was suitable for any person with interest in 3D design, from the art to the technological side.

Awards are presented at New Blades including the following: Best SFX Model or Prop,
Best Product Model, Best Architectural Model, Best Sculpture, Best Application of New Technology, Best Interactive Design, Best Museum Quality Model, and Best Use of Laser – all culminating with a Best In Show award and runner up, voted for by each visitor to the show.

New Blades is of course a fantastic opportunity for these graduates to promote their style, abilities and products – and, as graduates, they have a reasonably clear idea of which direction they want to head in, professionally, so we asked some of the people exhibiting where they’d like to end up working in the future. With work experience being one of the best ways forward during study and in the creative industries, they told us about work placements they have already completed. And of course, we had to get them to tell us about the highs and lows of the course they’d just completed – would they recommend it to future students?

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