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BABEL: Caledonian Park

by OnStage

Regarded as the Theatrical Event of 2012; this is Babel, a ground breaking, live action and experimental piece of theatre that immerses the audience into a truly unique and lifelike experience via the medium of performance.

An outdoor show that is a collaborative effort between Battersea Arts Centre and International Theatre Company WildWorks, the show is of an epic proportion with it featuring a cast over 300. Showcasing in North London’s Caledonian Park in Islington, London is very much the focal point of the show with the production celebrating what it means to be part of a diverse and multi cultural community like in the capital city. Through the power of story telling, live music and visual effects, Babel goes to the heart of what it feels like to be a Londoner in a truly experienced and lived way both to the actors and audience.

Using Caledonian Park’s famous clock tower as the central focus for Babel, the tower’s history and rediscovery through theatre brings people from all cultures together in a story that binds London together as one. Celebrating London as one and as a myriad of different cultures, languages and people, Babel at its core, is about people and how we are drawn together.

This fantastic piece of theatre has been performing in Islington’s Caledonian Park since the 8th May 2012 and with the show ending on 20th May 2012 and with only a matter of performances to go, Londoners are urged to go see this fantastic new performance that challenges traditional theatre and explores London culture and heritage on many different levels.

On Wednesday 10th May 2012, WinkBall video reporters Oliver and Daniel were at Caledonian Park to speak to theatre lovers who had come to watch the performance of Babel. Speaking to attendees, they would be finding out what had brought them down to see this piece of theatre and what were their expectations of the show.

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