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Merce Cunningham Dance Company at the Barbican Centre

by OnStage

Merce Cunningham was an icon in the world of dance, just as Andy Warhol was in the world of film; they both came from the underground (and worked together, too). Cunningham's innovative approach to choreography made his name famous, as all elements of the dance, from the movements to the music, are kept separate allowing for the ultimate freedom in expression; often the dance and the music would not correspond to each other at all. Perhaps this is why he was hard to understand, especially to his initial American critics, yet the performances he gave in London received much enthusiasm and were described as 'poetic opera'. Sadly, the dance guru passed away on 26th July 2009, which led to the decision that the company be dissolved. On 8th October 2011, WinkBall reporters Laurent and Karen attended the Barbican Centre to interview admirers of his work and his dance company who came to see one of the many, yet numbered worldwide performances. It is clear that the artist touched many hearts.

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