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Chelsea Flower Show Day Two

by Chelsea Flower Show

One of Britain’s most significant annual events of the year and an event that truly heralds the start of the summer season, the Chelsea Flower Show 2012 was back for a second day showcasing some of the finest floral arrangements and horticultural displays that Britain has to offer.

Largely attended by both the public and celebrity world, the Chelsea Flower is the place to be this summer and one of the great highlight of Britain’s social calendar. With Monday being the show’s first day and also the show’s press day, the Chelsea Flower Show was attended by the finest of Britain’s celebrities, that included the likes of Piers Morgan, Sir Cliff Richard, Rob Brydon and Jennie Bond. Now with its press and celebrity day over, it was now a chance for the public to marvel in the floral wonders that were on offer at the Chelsea Flower Show.

On Tuesday 22nd May 2012, it was time for the second day of the Chelsea Flower Show 2012. Speaking to attendees of the event, WinkBall video reporters Alex and Lucio were down at the event speaking to the many people that had come to see the show and finding out why they think the Chelsea Flower Show has such a lasting appeal and legacy as an event in Britain and what were they hoping to see on display at the show.

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