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Limp Bizkit at the Brixton Academy London

by Gig Reporters 2012

Joy of all musical joys, Limp Bizkit returned to London, specifically Brixton Academy, for a special, one-off performance on Tuesday 29 May.
Expect plenty of backwards baseball caps and rockers lost in a love for rap… Or, rappers feeling a fondness for metal…? I don’t think the rap/rock, chicken/egg situation was ever established with Limp Bizkit?
Limp Bizkit can cause a musical stir of opinion like no other – perhaps because they were quite original in their rap-versus-rock style. But more than anything, it is somewhat inarguably that Fred Durst and co (that being: DJ Lethal, Wes Boreland, John Otto and Sam Rivers) are incredibly fun and all-encompassing on stage.
Their concerts are the scenes of mass sing-along sessions and super-enthused mosh pit action (IS there a better track to go hardcore to than ‘Break Stuff?!) – so fans of the band can enjoy the classic ‘greatest hits’ alongside a smattering of tracks from their latest album ‘Gold Cobra’.
The nu-metallers set about enrolling a whole new generation of skater metal fans with their late-nineties/early-noughties rap metal albums – so expect plenty of reminiscing fans Rollin’ their way through Brixton and getting back ‘2 Gether Now’ for the Bizkit’s first performance in London since 2009.

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