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Prometheus Awakes

by OnStage

As part of both the London 2012 Festival and Greenwich & Docklands Festival, the surrounding areas of Greenwich became the setting for an epic, inspiring and artistically ambitious outdoor re-interpretation of the famous Greek Myth Prometheus, the Graeae Theatre Company’s Prometheus Awakes.

Graeae, a Theatre Company led by disabled artists who aim to take theatre to new heights through visual and audio mastery and epic spectacle. This ambitious production will be the first ever large-scale outdoor theatre production in the UK that is led by disabled artists.

A revolutionary piece of outdoor theatre, spectators will be treated to groundbreaking stagecraft with live puppetry combined with inspiring choreography to recreate this classic tale. Fans are promised to “feel the earth move and the sky explode,” and will no doubt leave the show feeling they have experienced something special and spectacular.

Performing on Saturday, 23rd June 2012, WinkBall Video Reporters were in Greenwich for the performance of Prometheus Awakes to find out what had brought people to see this spectacular outdoor show and what they were expecting from the performance.

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