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Liberal Democrat Luminaries

by conferencereporters2011

From the 17th of September to the 21st of September 2011, the Liberal Democrat Party held their annual autumn conference in Birmingham. Being part of the coalition government for over a year now, conference season was a chance to reflect on their year in government and the policies that they have implemented as a party alongside the Conservatives. WinkBall video reporters were in Birmingham and finding out from the many party members of the Liberal Democrats, which included MPs, Lords and Ministers, and found out what they deemed to be the party's core values and furthermore the key issues and battles the party would be facing in the coming months. Speaking to Liberal Democrat MPs the likes of Danny Alexander, Tim Farron and Vince Cable as well as long serving members such as Lord Ashdown and Baroness Williams, WinkBall created a unique video snapshot of opinion within the Liberal Democrat Party through their coverage.

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