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The King's Speech: Wyndham's Theatre

by OnStage

Focusing on the speech impediment that British monarch King George VI suffered and was forced to overcome when coming to the British throne through no choice of his own, The King’s Speech took the movie world by storm last year, sweeping up a clutch of Academy Awards. The story of a reluctant king, it was the marriage of King Edward VIII to mistress Wallis Simpson and his abdication of the throne that had forced George VI in to the unappealing prospect of becoming British monarch. With George VI’s speech problems evident, as King he must overcome this affliction if he is to ever represent the people as a strong figure of authority. Hiring the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue, his unorthodox methods help the King overcome his stutter and leads him to make his first successful public radio broadcast to the British nation when war is declared on the nation of Germany in 1939. Starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush as George VI and Lionel Logue, the film earned critical praise and Colin Firth won the academy award for best actor.

Written by playwright and screenwriter David Seidler, The King’s Speech was originally intended to be a stage production but first became the successful motion picture. For his work, Seidler won an academy award for his screenplay and now in 2012, he has finally seen his work hit the stage as first intended.

Recently ending its UK tour after a world premiere in Guildford in February, the play has now opened in London’s West End and is set for a limited run at the renowned Wyndham’s Theatre in London. The play starring Charles Edwards and Jonathan Hyde as King George VI and Lionel Logue, the production has been critically applauded as an explosive piece of theatre full of intensity.

On Wednesday 28th March 2012, WinkBall video reporters Matt and Daniel were at the Wyndham’s Theatre to speak to fans that had come to see the stage production of The King’s Speech. Asking fans what had brought them down to see the show, fans were also asked whether they had seen the original film version of The King’s Speech and how they think this stage play would compare? Finally, fans were asked what they think the story is so appealing and well loved and towards the end of the evening, what did they think of the play?

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