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West Kensington & Gibbs Green Community Homes

by Event Reporters

WinkBall reporters were at the Gibbs Green Hall on Tuesday, 27th September where Tenants and Residents Associations as well as West Kensington and Gibbs Green community homes gathered for an annual general meeting addressing the proposed demolition of estates in the area. Tenants and Residents within the area have raised plenty of concerns over this proposed move by developers and for the last two years have been building a strong community spirit to thwart advances and try to transfer homes into community ownership. With MPs, Board Members, London Mayoral support and an astonishing 80% residential backing via petition for community control, West Kensington and Gibbs Green have made their intentions clear against the council. We spoke to tenants and residents ahead of and before the annual meeting, finding out what the best things their housing association has done for them and what one thing would be that they could change or do to make it a better place in future.

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