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Mandela Day 2011 - Cheesekids 1

by Joburg Event Reporters 2011

In honour of Nelson Mandela, the deeply-loved father of the new South African nation and the undisputed icon of selfless service, Mandela Day was born. This inspired initiative asks people to give back 67minutes of their time to the community in honour of Mandela and the 67 years of public service he gave to transforming the beautiful country that we are now privileged to call our own.

Cheesekids is an organisation born from the heart of young people wanting to make the world a better place by giving of their most valuable resources, namely, their time and their energy. They organise and host a plethora of events, making way for people to serve where it matters most... On home soil! On the eve of Madiba's 93rd birthday (Madiba is an affectionate and respectful name for Mandela), Cheesekids created and organised a platform of opportunity for people to give back 67 minutes of their time. Meeting at a central point in Johannesburg, people were then bussed to various community projects of their choice including, painting schools, building houses, cooking meals, interacting with children and much more!

Winkball citizen video reporters were at Innesfree Park on Sunday 17 July 2011, to capture the thoughts of those participating in the event and to get Happy Birthday messages for our nation's inspiration, Nelson Mandela. If you were at this unquestionably worthwhile event, but were not interviewed, upload your thoughts on the importance of giving back or send a birthday wish to Madiba!

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