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Rufus Wainwright: Lyceum Theatre

by Gig Reporters 2012

Despite a rollercoaster personal life, Rufus Wainwright has been a prolific musical force in all aspects of the game. Overcoming traumas, which include being sexually assaulted and a crystal meth addiction, the American singer-songwriter has recorded 7 studio albums, featured on numerous compilations and film scores and even written his own classic opera.

Although his first, self-titled, album was a critical success, winning a variety of awards including Rolling Stone’s “best new artist”, it failed to reach the same commercial heights. This seemed to be the theme of much of his early career, with his first 4 albums failing to match the critical acclaim they received.

In 2008, his career took a new direction. Wainwright showed his writing talents as he successfully wrote the opera “Prima Donna” about “a day in the life of an opera singer”. Despite mixed reviews, Wainwright once again earned critical success.

In recent years, Wainwright has dropped off the face of the musical earth. That was until April 2012, when he released his new album, “Out of the game” with producer Mark Ronson. The “more danceable” music has bought about a new tour for the American. Fans of his were lucky to seen him perform at Lyceum Theatre on Monday 30th April 2012, for the last date of the UK leg of his tour.

WinkBall reporters went to London to speak to his fans about what they love about him and to give an in-depth review after the show.

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