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Sunderland vs Wigan

by Football Reporters 2010-11

We here at Winkball in the Northeast have been told we are a lot of thing but one thing that we were called has really stuck with us and we have sought to disprove. Sunderland fans decided that we were unlucky. Whilst seeming slightly over the top they do have a point. Without a win in their last 9 games (most of which winkball has covered) Sunderland have tumbled down the table after numerous poor performances. Ahead of a massive relegation game today, Winkball reporters in the northeast could only hope that the bad-luck that has come with our attendance at Sunderland games would vanish. It did.
After a miserable few weeks, Sunderland finally got that elusive victory, and what a victory it was! A 4-2 win over Wigan with Gyan, Sessegnon and Henderson all getting on the score sheet, has essentially kept Sunderland in the Premiership this season.
Winkball were at the Stadium of Light talking to the fans about the game and asking them their predictions and reactions.

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