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The Toy Fair at London Olympia - Day One

by eventreporters2012

Not only a chance for professionals to discover some of the latest toys and games that are making their way to high street shops, but also an opportunity for the public to indulge in their inner child and become a big kid again! This is of course, 'The Toy Fair', a three day toy exhibition that showcases the latest new toys, games and play things from some of the leading and established toy manufacturers, new start up companies and independent retailers. With a number of top industry professionals present and sampling what are some of the new and exciting toys available, the Toy Fair is arguably the pinnacle event for toy exhibitors.

Taking place over three days at the Olympia Grand Hall in London from the 24th to the 26th January 2012, the Toy Fair promised to be an exciting event not to miss. With a wide variety of toys and games on display, professionals and the public alike can immerse themselves in the fair not just visually, but also by touch and feel as new toys were encouraged to be played with and tested!

Tuesday 24th January 2012 was the first day the fantastic Toy Fair opened and there to speak to the many people who had travelled to the fair were of course Video reporters Max and Sofia headed down to the Olympia Grand Hall in London to discover what had brought people down to play at the Toy Fair. With there certain to be some big kids there, reporters asked attendants if they had a fond memory for a particular toy and what would be their ideal toy? With the advancement in technology and production, and with toys coming along way since the days of Pong and Battleships, attendants were asked whether they thought toys had changed for better or worse in the past twenty years?

Are you an Action Man or a G.I. Joe? Did you think Sindy had a bit more style than Barbie and that Scalextric knocks any other racing game out of the water? We want to hear from you, if you didn't manage to speak to our reporters at the Toy Fair, record a video message direct to this video wall and tell us what you love about toys!

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