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WECH Volunteer Day 2


Winkball reporters Daniel and Onyeka went to interview volunteers involved in the Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) scheme, organised by Time For Paddington. Time For Paddington is an organisation that brings volunteers from large corporations to help out smaller organisations in the local community and in this case, in this case they had volunteers from Vodafone to help WECH and the results were fantastic. On Friday 29th July, a team of twenty employees from Vodafone headed down to offer their services to the elderly and vulnerable residents, helping with the upkeep of gardens. The volunteers cheerfully spent the day 'giving back to the community,' which involved weeding, pruning and cleaning up elderly residents' gardens, so that they could enjoy spending time in their gardens throughout the summer. This wonderful initiative is recognised as highly beneficial by the community and serves as a testament to the good that volunteers can bring to the less fortunate; the elderly and the disabled. Volunteers will always be in high demand and organisations will always have somewhere to direct a helping hand to inspire future volunteers.

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