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Sunrise Celebration festival day 1

by WinkBall Festivals

From Friday the 2nd June to Sunday the 5th June 2011, WinkBall video reporters were at the Sunrise Festival. Taking place in the Somerset town of Bruton, the Sunrise Festival is one the UK’s first summer festivals and is considered to be one of the most unique and furthermore environmentally friendly festivals around. It is the UK’s leading Sustainable Arts and Music Festival due to its green approach and ethical practices. With vibrant music and all round family fun, Sunrise Festival is a musical treat that kicks off the festival season perfectly.

WinkBall reporters were at this fantastic music festival speaking to the many festival fans that had come to experience the festival for all that it offers. Speaking to the fans, WinkBall reporters asked them if this was their first time at the festival, how did it compare to other festivals, who they were looking forward to seeing perform and what was the highlight of the festival? Were you at the Sunrise Festival? What did you think of the festival? Record your view straight to this video wall now!

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