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Collaborators: The National Theatre

by OnStage

Collaborators is a play by John Hodge, based on the relationship between Mikhail Bulgakov and Joseph Stalin. Russia in 1938 was a dangerous place to have a sense of humour, and even more a sense of freedom, Bulgakov was lucky to have both. Mikhail Bulgakov was Soviet Russian playwright; he was commission by Stalin to write a play about the dictator for his sixtieth birthday. Collaborators sees, Alex Jennings play Bulgakov and Simon Russell Beale play Stalin, it is a blistering play depicting the appalling compromises and humiliations inflicted on any artist by those with power. Collaborators closes May 13 2012, it is a hilarious dark comedy, with a stellar cast. Winkball video reporters were present at the National Theatre on Tuesday, 8th May, to ask the audience about their experience.

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