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DAY 1: Growth and innovation - Wednesday 30th May

by ND2012

Join over 1,000 delegates from across the UK to explore the policy, leadership, innovation and collective action needed to support an inclusive and enterprising digital nation.

As the Government’s plans for ‘digital by default’ services gather pace this year, and as organisations in every sector must increasingly do more with less, ND2012 will offer a timely and valuable opportunity to explore how every individual and every organisation can be supported to get online and benefit from technology.

The event will build on and celebrate the campaign for digital inclusion, and offer an opportunity to discover the latest tools, resources, and solutions for supporting access; from helping the hardest to reach and those with disabilities, to exploring opportunities for businesses.

Hear from those leading the digital agenda at the highest level in Government, and discover the opportunities and latest digital policy for supporting growth and enterprise in the UK; build new networks and partnerships with over 1,000 leaders in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors; and take away new ideas and digital solutions for changing the way you and your organisation does business. WinkBall Reporters will speaking to delegates today, asking them 3 crucial questions:
What 3 things could digital inclusion bring to an individual/ organisation?
How can the digital agenda support growth and enterprise in the UK?
Do you think use of digital technology has an affect on an individuals employability? Why?

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