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Tea and Coffee Festival - Day 2

by Event Reporters

On Saturday 19th November 2011. WinkBall reporters Laurent and Lucy were in Southbank for Day 2 of the annual Tea and Coffee Festival. The tea and coffee festival celebrates the nation's two favourite drinks with a variety of products, blends, knowledge and expertise which different UK companies offer. 'The festival will be a celebration of all things tea & coffee, so as well as the drinks in their pure form, you’ll be able to enjoy tea & coffee based cocktails, tea & coffee flavoured macaroons, churros with mocha sauce, coffee flavoured cheese cakes and more!' Each day of the festival includes exhibitions, masterclasses, seminars and tutoring on the making of products and where they originate from. Stalls with Samples and Sales will take up a large part of Southbank as companies and members of public alike celebrate the Tea and Coffee culture. We asked members of the public what brought them to the festival, what they prefer out of Tea and Coffee, their favourite blends and what they've enjoyed from the festival so far.

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