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Thriller Live!: Lyric Theatre

by OnStage

Celebrating the life and work of by far the world’s greatest performers and musical artists, Michael Jackson, Thriller Live! is a an astounding live concert that showcases the best of the King of Pop’s work from his early days in the Jackson Five all the way through to his career as a solo performer.

Now performing to audiences since 2006, Thriller Live! has toured across the UK and venues around Europe, playing to millions of fans who continue to come back for more. Now performing in the theatre heartland of the city capital, London’s West End, Thriller Live! now draws in the crowds at the Lyric Theatre where it has become one of the most loved West End productions.

Renowned for his incredible dancing, infectious tunes and huge showmanship, Thriller Live! does all this and more in a mesmerising live performance that truly enhances the legacy that is the great performer Michael Jackson. Featuring such classic and memorable tracks like “I Want You Back”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Smooth Criminal”, “Beat It” and of course “Thriller!”; Thriller Live! is an evening not to miss out on and one for all the family.

Performing to audiences on Friday 22nd June 2012, WinkBall video reporters were down at the Lyric Theatre speaking to fans that had come to see Thriller Live! and discover what had brought them down to see the show, what they love about Michael Jackson and his music, and what should they expect of this concert.

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