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The Pitmen Painters at the Duchess Theatre

by Gig Reporters 2011

Having enjoyed celebrated success at the National Theatre and on Broadway, Lee Hall’s production returns to grace the West End one last time. The story revolves around a group of Ashington miners in 1934, who hired a professor to teach an art appreciation class in the evenings. Impressed by what they have learned, the miners decide to abandon theory and to practice painting. It is not long before the quality of their work precedes them, and within a few years, their circle of friendship expands to include respected avant-garde artists and prestigious collectors.

WinkBall video reporters Karen, Lawrence and Onyeka were at the Duchess Theatre on Thursday, 12 October 2011, to capture the passion of those attending the production. They found out from the audience why the performance is revered as an amusing, deeply moving and entertaining classic. If YOU were there and were not able to have an interview, or if you have a comment that you would like to share about The Pitmen Painters, please record a response to this wall and have your say!

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