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Street Style Fashion: Shoreditch

by fashion

The sunny and pleasant day of Sunday 25th March, made it perfect for our WinkBall video reporters to go in search of the fashionistas of Shoreditch.

All fashionistas know that street fashion is essential when guessing what possible trends to look out for; because they set trends and not follow it. The style code of Shoreditch, the hub of East London fashion is eclectic, vintage, dressed down and urban.

Who are Shoreditch Fashionistas? They are characterised by their creative, colourful and bold expression of their personality through what they wear and refuse to be put in a box. They combine different styles from a variety of sources, not about conventional style and price does not really matter. It’s all about how you mix and match odd and trendy pieces.

From the high street stores to charity shops to vintage treasures and bargains, a walk through Shoreditch shows that great fashion doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

So what did our Winkball Reporters pick out from the Sunday crowd on the 25th March? What did the stallholders have to say about their stocked vintage items – and what does Shoreditch predict to be the trends for the summer?

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