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BP Opera Cinderella at Trafalgar Square

by Event Reporters

WinkBall citizen video reporters Carla, Fred and Joe were at the live screening of Massenet’s Cinderella in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday, 13th July 2011. The event was a huge success and the turn out was greater than anyone expected. BP has been supporting The Royal Opera House since the 1980’s. By providing big screens with live relays from the Royal Opera House’s auditorium, thousands of London’s general public were given the chance to appreciate the fine arts of Opera fused with ballet.
Although Cinderella is commonly viewed as a ballet, its origins actually lie in Opera. Cendrillon (Cinderella) was created by Jules Massenet in 1899 as a four act ‘fairy tale’ to a French libretto by Henri Cain on the foundation of Perault’s original fantasy. The production would later become a popular ballet by Prokofiev. This time around it has been transformed in to a beautiful flowing, air gliding dance and Opera performance, which was coordinated by the Royal Opera House. We asked spectators what they love about Opera, what brought them down there and what they like about the Opera music.

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