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2011 - Liberal Democrats Party Conference Day 2

by conferencereporters2011

Sunday 18th September and it's day two of the Liberal Democrats Autumn conference, taking place in Birmingham between Saturday 17th September and Wednesday 21st September 2011. 8, 000 delegates, journalists and exhibitors are expected to descend on the city for the conference weekend, the second time the city has hosted the Liberal Democrat Party Conference. WinkBall Video Reporters were inside and outside the conference interviewing MP’s, MSP’s, MEP’s, councillors, party members and conference delegates, asking the following questions: What, in your opinion, are the core Liberal Democrat values? If you were to sum up the Liberal Democrats in a sentence, what would it be? And, what in your opinion, are the most important changes the government should make in order to make Britain a better place? See their responses below!

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