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Crawley Town vs Bristol City - FA Cup 3rd Round

by FA Cup 2012

Crawley Town 1-0 Bristol City: The Giant killers of 2011’s F.A Cup Crawley Town are at it again, with a 1-0 victory over Bristol City at their home ground Broadfield Stadium. The money spent on striker Matt Tubbs has paid off again, putting Crawley Town into the forth round. Tubbs put away a 73rd-minute keep the dream of a glorious double, promotion to League One and yet another possible crack at a premiership team in this exciting tournament that leads to Wembley and silverware.

Winkball wants to hear your match report and what you the football fans feel about the F.A. Cup, has it lost its shine or does the thrill of a day at Wembley get the heart racing and the scarves and flags out. Just fire up the web-cam and leave a message on this video wall and give us your view, it’s that easy!

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